Long Pistachio (Ahmad Aghaei)

Long Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei Pariz Nuts


The newest commercial variety, very popular with the farmers, because of high yield and a short time to reach production. The most common character to identify this type is that the shape is long but the length of each piece is different . It also has the whitest shell hue among the four. Production of this variety is increasing. This type is the most favorable type in eastern Asia in particular China and India.


Available Sizes (pcs/oz): 22-24, 24-26, 26-28, 28-30, 30-32

Specifications:                  Max 5% moisture,  Max 3% C/M,  Max 3% small pieces,  Max 3.5% semi-open

Packing:                            The regular packing is 50 kg gunnies and particular packing is 25 kg gunnies. 10 and 12.5 kg cartons are also 

                                           available based on the customer order.

Type Available:                Natural Pistachio/Closed Pistachio/Mechanically Opened Pistachio/Roasted and Salted Pistachio/Roasted 

                                           Pistachio/Roasted and Salted Pistachio with added lime


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