Pistachio is known as “Queen of Nuts” and they are also called “Happy Nuts” because of their cracked shells that look like smiles. Iran is widely known for growing some of the best quality pistachios in the world. This quality can be directly attributed to the sunny Iran weather which follows the moderate cold rainy winters. Iranian Pistachio is known as a luxury product in some countries like Germany and Japan.


Our pistachios come directly from our gardens in Sirjan located in the southeast of Iran. Iranian pistachios have different names according to their shapes and sizes. We grow and export all kinds of Iranian pistachios.

Round Pistachio(Fandoghi)

Iranian Round Pistachio Fandoghi

This cultivar is the most widespread pistachio variety and grows in most pistachio growing areas of Iran. In recent years, around 50% of Iranian production ...

Jumbo Pistachio (Kaleghouchi)

Iranian Jumbo Pistachio Kalegouchi

The local name is derived from the shape of this type which looks like rams head. This cultivar is famous for being  large. In fact, jumbo pistachios are ...

Long Pistachio(Ahmad Aghaei)

Iranian Long Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei Pariz Nuts

The newest commercial variety, very popular with the farmers, because of high yield and a short time to reach production. The most common character ...

Super Long Pistachio (Akbari)

Iranian Super Long Pistachio Akbari

Akbari belongs to the long type of Iranian pistachios and has the highest economic value among four varieties. Akbari has the highest shape ...

Closed Shell Pistachio

Pariz Nuts Iranian Pistachio

This type of pistachios is the naturally closed mouth and has not opened yet. Through the process of shelling, hard shells are removed and natural kernels are extracted. All type of pistachios have closed shells and the yield kernels are 48-50%.

Regular Pistachio Kernel

Iranian Pistachio Kernel Pariz Nuts

Pistachio kernels normally come from two types of pistachios, closed shells pistachios and open shell pistachios, and kernels can be from any type ...

Kal Pistachio Kernel

Pistachio Kernel premium pistachio Iran

Kal pistachio kernel is harvested one month earlier (in July and August) and they are still raw (Kal in Persian) which means before the pistachios become completely ripe. This type of pistachio is normally more ...

Green Peeled Kernel

Green kernel pistachio super green

Green Peeled Kernel is from Kal (unripe) pistachio kernels and they are known as a luxury food ingredient, which is used in various industries such as pastries, chocolate, ice cream, sausages, and ham...



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