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Pariz Nuts Pistachio Garden Sirjan Iran

Pariz Nuts Pistachio Garden

Sirjan, Iran

Pariz Nuts CEO Mostafa Dehshiri Parizi

Pariz Nuts CEO 
Mostafa Dehshiri Parizi

Pariz Nam Gostaran Tejarat Pars Co. Ltd with the brand name of “Pariz Nuts” is a family owned company that was established in 2014 in Sirjan (Kerman province of Iran) with the aim of direct delivery from our pistachio gardens to international markets.  


Our family has been involved in growing Pistachio for more than 3 generations. In fact, we are mostly known as grower rather than exporter or trader in this region. Our first farm of pistachios cultivated in 1907 by Mr. Gholam Ali Parizi, grandfather of the current CEO.


Mr. Hosein Parizi is the father of current CEO who inherited the farms and continued to expand for cultivating and growing pistachios on personal land.  The company now has access to more than 300 hectares of pistachio's gardens belonging to the family. After 100 years we still plant our own trees, care for our orchards and harvest by ourselves, then process the pistachios in our own facilities.


By controlling quality from the field to the box, we can offer our customers the best premium pistachio that our land, technology, and hard work can produce. 


We use the experience of our ancestors for the production of different kinds of Pistachios while using our comprehensive modern processing facilities to stay ahead of current technological advancements.


We perform mandated testing based on the country of destination in a laboratory that is confirmed by EU standard. As a customer-focused company, multiple testing is conducted in order to fulfill all requirements prior to any shipments.


During the last 4 years, we have been successfully exporting to one of the most difficult and high demanding countries in the world (JAPAN). It proves all our capabilities and now we are expanding to export our pistachios to all over the world.

Our vision

To continue our ancestor job and become a market leader in grow and supply high quality of Pistachio and create an effective marketing system to make our products affordable and accessible everywhere.

Our quality pledge

Pariz Nuts is synonymous with premium quality and service. We offer our products of unparalleled quality and service which has been the secret to our success. From the beginning, we believe that our customers deserve the best. With this view, we focused on investing in the latest technology and the best practice to deliver the premium quality of Iranian pistachio on a consistent basis.

Our social responsibility

It has been said among farmers that, while some crops are grown for your family, pistachio trees are grown for your grandchildren. It is because pistachio trees take from six to eight years to produce a saleable crop, and also because pistachio trees have a very long life span. We are planting with the next generations of farmers in mind. An orchard is a living legacy. Consequently, we take great care to maintain the land and its environment so orchard and ecosystem around will thrive well into future generations.


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