Regular Pistachio Kernel

Pistachio kernels normally come from two types of pistachios, closed shells pistachios, and open shell pistachios, and kernels can be from any type of pistachios. We at Pariz Nuts have facility and ability to offer both types in best quality.


Open shell pistachio kernels are rich in color and size. This type of Iranian pistachio kernels are taken from open shell pistachios, which are cracked by hand, hence the procedure takes longer time also the price is higher compared to closed shell kernels. This type is suitable for confectionaries, particularly where pistachios will be used as it is without blending or making it to powder, for instance, Baklava or Turkish delights. 

Closed shell pistachios transfer to cracking factory in order to get cracked and extract kernels. The whole procedure is fully automated. The color of this type is slightly lighter than open shell pistachio kernel, but it is more reasonable and more affordable in price. This type of pistachio kernel suits for confectionery or cooking then the kernels need to be blended or make powder of it. 

Also available

Splitted (Half) Kernel

Pistachio Kernel Powders (Grinded Kernel)

The kernels of the pistachios with closed hard shells that have been ground by pistachio breaking operator machines.


  • Large powder
  • Tiny powder


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