Sayer Dates

Sayer or Esta’maran is the most abundant date species which accounts for 65% of Iranian dates. Around 40% of Iranian dates for export is Sayer and it is one of the most important export figures. The shape is slightly elongated, oval and typically dark brown colored and its cross section is yellow. An average weight of fruit is 8.5 grams and kernel weight is 0.9 grams. Sayer Date is the principal kind of date fruit in Khuzestan province (70-80% of palms in Khuzestan province are Sayer dates). Thanks to its high-quality, 

Sayer is well known in many countries especially Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand.


Sayer is available in three types: seeded, seedless and chopped. The most important specification of Sayer is being semi-dry (its moisture is around 16%). It is capable of storage for a longer period of time than other kinds of dates. It should be noted that the date in Khuzestan province including Sayer Date is totally organic without pesticides or chemicals.


Sayer has a high amount of nutrients and cellulose, so at the point of sugar and nutrition value it is unique and has great syrup. The best-chopped dates are made from Sayer dates and they can be used in cooking or served with tea and other drinks. 


Mostly Sayer Dates are harvested in the middle of September. Dates are packed in the great range of packages by Pariz Nuts Company and distributed in the market.

Type:                     Semi-Dry, moisture around 16%

Color:                    Uniform light brown to dark brown (Reddish)

Length:                 3 – 4 cm 

Shelf Life:             At room temperature about 2 years under interim fumigation 

Harvest Time:      Mid September 

Growing Region: Khuzestan province

Usage:                  Used pitted or unpitted for direct consumption and/or for industrial purposes

Packing:               Most common packing is 10 kg telescopic carton.

Shipment:            Max Loading for 20ft FLC is 1700 cartons/40ft FCL is 2600 Cartons /Track is 1950 cartons.

Pitted (Seedless)

This Product is available with the Following grades:


Super Select : Max.65 Dates / LB

Select : Max.75 Dates / LB

B-Grade : Max.85 Dates / LB

GAQ : Max.100 Dates / LB

FAQ : Max.125 Dates / LB 

Industrial : Without any count/Ib and in low quality



This Product is available with the Following grades:


Select : Max. 120 Dates / kg 

GAQ : Max. 150 Dates / kg  

Chopped Sayer Dates

Chopped Dates is made of Sayer Fruit to be cut into small cubic particles for different uses, and flour of Soya or Rice  is added to it to reduce the stickiness. It's totally new innovative product that could be a suitable substitution for Raisin in different industries. .There are two types of Chopped Dates:


1. Chopped Sayer Dates 4mm x 8mm

2. Chopped Sayer Dates 8mm x 12mm


Sliced Sayer Dates

Sliced Sayer Dates is a type of sayer dates that is made by slicing in length of dates fruit after being pitted. Sliced dates is very attractive in many markets and uses due to its special shape.


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